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Agency for Sustainable Merchandise, Merch-On-Demand, 2nd-Hand-Merch,

Recycling and Upcycling Concepts, Environmentally Friendly Tour Conception and Event Planning

With SUSTAIN we bring merchandise and events in harmony with our environment. We are breaking new ground in this field and offer sustainability from production to shipping. Our goal is to be environmentally positive – in everything we do.

Sustainability for your Merchandise

SUSTAIN is a fulfillment agency, taking care of the development and implementation of sustainable concepts as well as the procurement and distribution of fair trade and ecologically produced merchandise.

We are always looking for possibilities to make the industry more sustainable, as well as for alternatives to classic textile merchandising. Therefore we focus on recycling, upcycling, on demand and second hand productions.

For every item sold, we donate 10% of income to projects that benefit environment. Furthermore we set aside a donation to a reforestation project in Brazil for each sent packet from our online shop. That’s the way we achieve a positive environmental balance and create a new generation of resource-saving, sustainable and fair merchandise.

Would you like to make your event, tour or festival more sustainable? Are you looking for sustainable and fair trade merchandising? Do you need an individual and environmentally friendly online shop?

Then you are exactly right here!

We are happy to offer you individual modules or fulfillment services customized to your specific needs.

Please contact us to learn more.

Current projects

Artists 4 Refugees

With the support of the participating artists, we would like to draw attention to the situation at the EU’s external borders and support organizations that help people in distress and save lives.

The campaign ended on August 1st.

Thanks to all supporters!